What will come in 2022

The year 2022 provides many starting points. In a nutshell they are:

April 2022: Start of the Doctoral and Postdoctoral Studies The Nyangani Virtual University’s official start of teaching and learning: The Doctoral School’s academic team from 12 nations welcomes the University’s global research students.

Autumn 2022: Start of the first MBA programmes The two first programmes are the MBA General Management and the Global Executive MBA. Both degree courses are outstanding, both delivered by an outstanding multinational faculty from various continents. In a nutshell: global teaching and learning of excellence. Technology-based, gamified, at students’ pace.

Summer 2022, both Research Centres of the University are starting their first projects The RISES and the VR|AR|AI Institute are already researching on a smaller scale. However, from summer onwards this research will be intensified and equally researchers from other universities will be warmly welcomed to the then structure which makes a Research Centre.

Together with the partner Universities of the ECLSS the Nyangani Virtual University supports the organisation of international conferences.

Embedded into a team of mainly public Universities from Turkey, Latvia, the UK, and other countries from around the globe, the semi-public Nyangani Virtual University will organise her first own international conference.

International Partners


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