Doctoral Studies


The PhD is based on a profound theoretical fundament, which is robust and evidence-based,

thus defendable. The Nyangani Virtual University welcomes fully theory-based theses and those whose interest is in studying real-world developments. I.e., research which explains phenomena in the real world. 
The wider research interest of both forms is that they have contributing value for economies and/or societies in an emerging context.

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Professional Doctorates: DBA & More

Among what is known as professional doctorates, the DBA certainly is the most popular form. However, it is by far not the only such profession oriented doctoral degree. Education and technology have gained widespread equal interest and attractiveness in the last years. Especially employers value holders of such professional doctoral degrees which can open careers for top-management positions. 

Generally speaking, the expectations on DBA research does not differ much from its PhD counterpart. It is mainly the orientation of the thesis which makes the difference. There is a high expectation on the robust theoretical fundament but studies are mainly examining actual and relevant issues in the economy and society.

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Doctor of Science

The Doctor of Science is the Nyangani Virtual University’s innovative answer to meet organisational needs and demands: science for the practical world. Studies placing science into the midst of organisational realities as an incorporated element means future orientation.

The design of the programme builds a new and meaningful interface to meet talent by combining science and real-world settings. It is made for the collaborative world of employment and society of the 21st century: The collaboration of academia and organisations in doctoral studies for a sustainable and responsible future of global and mutual benefits.

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The Postdoctoral Dr habil

This program is often less known, but it is the ultimate documentation of academic excellence. The Dr habil is, e.g., in German-speaking countries the frequent prerequisite to receive a full professorship. The French higher education system has a parallel which is known as the professeur des universités. 
This postdoctoral degree program is very specific and certainly not for everybody, especially outside higher education. On the other hand, for all academics, and those with the objective of an academic career, it is the perfect demonstration of knowledge, research, and the own academic quality.

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