The Nyangani Virtual University has already been called revolutionary. From the very beginning institutions and organizations from all around the globe have been interested in the new ways of delivering higher education. The affiliated partnership with the public University of the Harare Institute of Technology as its integrated but autonomous University is already a first sign of being special.

There is a very exceptional new University to be discovered and explored.

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Environment / Sustainability

For the Nyangani Virtual University inclusion and equality are core principles. Whether student, staff, or other stakeholder, all are part of a global community. One planet, one people – this motto guides all of the University’s activities. Ethnicity, religion, gender, and culture offer a richness of diversity and the ideal platform to learn together and from each other.

Knowledge and wisdom are found in the most unexpected places and one such place is the Nyangani Virtual University. The University is developing understanding for the benefit of individuals, societies, and economies. Equality and mutual respect are key values driving the University in its effort to make this world a better place for future generations. Global responsibility for people and the planet is of utmost importance to the Nyangani Virtual University. Commitment to progress in technology is part of its cycle of continuous improvements.

One people, one planet - this also means protecting the environment. The Nyangani Virtual University makes every effort to reduce its carbon footprint to the absolute minimum. Virtual studies are one important step in making commuting obsolete.


Campus Harare

Global Headquarters
Campus Ganges Road
Belvedere | Harare | Zimbabwe


Research Centre Salzburg

Research Centre Europe
Techno-Z | Schillerstrasse 30
5020 Salzburg | Austria


International Partners


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